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What People Are Saying About Us

"We just got a new puppy, and we were referred to this facility by a friend of ours who has several pets himself. He is super protective of his dogs, so my wife and I knew that if he recommended a veterinary care facility, it had to be good and Armadale Animal Hospital certainly is good.

Their entire staff is very friendly and after two visits knew us and our dog Bandit by name. Each time we have been there we are promptly sent to an examination room where an intern from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine performs a initial examination (i.e. weight, looks through his coat, and takes his temperature....yikes!) and shortly thereafter the Vet, Dr Sawyer comes in. She is great with him, performs an unrushed examination of Bandit, distracts him with some treats as they give him a shot, and answers any questions we have patiently. Some personal physicians I have seen in the past could learn from her bedside manner.

Thanks to our friend's recommendation, we have found a keeper for any and all future veterinary needs that our pup Bandit may have. If you're in need of a vet for your new pet or in search of one because you're unhappy with who you take your pet to now, go visit the Armadale Animal Hospital. You will be doing your pet and your piece of mind a favor."

"They always remember my dog, Madison's, name. They have always been helpful and very knowledgeable. I knew they were the vet for us, after just talking to the receptionist. You won't be disappointed!"

"When we rescued a dog, we went to Armadale on the advice from my Aunt, who has been going there for years with her dogs. I haven't been disappointed and here is why:

(1) The staff and vet techs are extremely friendly and helpful! They know us, they know our dogs and usually when I'm just in there picking up some medication, we end up chatting!

(2) The doctors are great and very knowledgeable. They are also very good with our animals. You can tell they like them! I would imagine that's a prerequisite but it's nice that they have good "bedside manner" with the dogs instead of being "all business." We've seen all the docs but we particularly like Dr. Bonifant. She takes extra special care of our dogs and she's very thorough. 

(3) The docs are pretty conservative. Our husky mix was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when he was a puppy and rather than push us toward expensive treatments and surgery, they took a wait and see approach. We really appreciated that Dr. Bonifant, especially, took great care to calm me down as I was quite worried about our gimpy puppy. He's been doing just fine since his diagnosis and we haven't needed to pursue treatment yet.

I do wish they had more knowledge about nutrition or had a specialist on staff (at least part time). I was told Science Diet was the best food but after doing a lot of research and talking with a lot of people, we're using totally different food and probably wouldn't use Science Diet unless it was an emergency. When I asked the docs about food, they really couldn't speak in depth about it so I've had to rely on others. I had a similar situation with herbal supplements for our husky mix's pain management. The docs had never heard of the supplement and pretty much said, after looking at the ingredient list, that it "should be ok." 

I don't blame the docs for not concentrating on animal nutrition as I understand that (a) they have a lot of demands on them and have to spend a lot of time being  "up" on animal medicine and (b) the animal nutrition world seems like a big Pandora's box but it would be nice if they had some resources for their patients. This isn't a "negative" mark...and I would recommend Armadale without hesitation for all your vet needs... it's more of a suggestion for them to enhance the already stellar service they provide for their patients!"

"Armadale continues to be my #1 choice based on their continued all-around customer service, standard of care, and most importantly compassion.

At a recent annual check-up, we discussed my dog having his teeth cleaned. I knew they offer this procedure, but it has always seemed a bit pricey. They did not in any way push me towards it, but they did inform me that depending on when I could schedule the cleaning, the blood work would remain current and "count" for that procedure — in essence, saving me a lot of $. Sold! In no way, shape or form have I ever felt pressure from them — they simply present the facts for you to determine what's right for your pet and when.

I'm very happy with both the results and post-procedure follow-up. The Doctor sent me a personal email summarizing the procedure and provided direct contact information if there had been any concerns or complications. This attention to detail and personal care is really exceptional — even at times exceeding what we humans can get!

Two thumbs (and four paws!) up. Kudos again. Thank you all."

"I've been very happy taking my dog & 3 cats to Armadale for about 3 years now. I've met with 3 of their 4 vets and been very happy with all of my experiences. I usually see Dr. Novak or Dr. Walker and they are both very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to spend time with me & pets. I'm always seen promptly and never feel like I'm being rushed out of the office. The office staff and vet techs are also very friendly and helpful. They are a bit more expensive than my last vet, but totally worth it! I'm very thankful I found a vet that I'm so happy with!"

"Armadale Animal Hospital offers the very best in veterinary services. I've been taking my pets there for 2+ years and have always been impressed with the time and care they take in treating my pets. They are attentive, informative and nearly always give me a follow-up call after big procedures or recovery after an accident.

I know that my pets are getting the very best care at Armadale. And their pricing is very reasonable too!"

"I have been a client of Armadale since I moved to Raleigh almost 7 years ago. I feel like the veterinarians and the staff truly care not only about the well being of your pet, but also about you as a person. A specific example of this is where I needed to get a refill of my dog food (Science Diet KD a prescription food) for a long weekend, and there would be no way I would have gotten there in time for them closing — they put the dog food on the porch for me to get it after hours and then called me the following week for the payment. Not many vet offices would be willing to give you $100 worth of dog food and charge you later. I love that when I come in, they ask about all my animals, and my daughter, and spend so much time just asking about how my family is blending together with the baby and the dogs/cats. I will never ever go to another veterinary office as long as I live in Raleigh. Highly recommended!!!"

"I just got a 6 month old pomeranian, and I didn't really know what I needed to do for him. I took him to Armadale, and they were really great. From the nicest receptionists to a very informative tech all the way to the vet — it was a great experience. I was the last appt of the day, but being a new pet owner, I had TONS of questions. Really, tons. They didn't try to rush me in the least, but were so nice and answered everything and then some. My appt lasted quite a long time past closing, and they were never anything but sweet. I've since called a few times with other questions, and they continue to be great. I will recommend them to all my friends, and will definitely continue bringing my dog there. If you're looking for a vet, I would go see them, I'm sure you'll be very happy. :)"